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Contest Winnings: 1st place will win $250

All forms of literature accepted

Contest End Date: May 20th
Winner Posted: June 20th

Enter here for the Humans of the World 💘 Covid Challenge! With so many different perspectives we hear on the news with experts, celebrities, and organizations telling us their opinions, we want to flip the tables! We want to hear your experience dealing with the pandemic that has plagued us these last couple of years and what YOU think! It's time for the Humans of the World (HOW) to speak loudly and clearly to society and shout their opinions from the rooftops. It's time to hear people's opinions whether they match or rival our own. We will be accepting all forms of literature.

Our Editors will read all submissions and choose the piece of literature that gives the best insight and depth into how COVID affected you and your world. We all have had different experiences dealing with this difficult time so we want to hear the good, the bad, and the ugly. Life during the pandemic has turned the world upside down so be brave, vulnerable, and brutally honest! We encourage everyone regardless of opinions to submit. The winning pieces will be featured on our digital blog and win a cash prize.


Flash Fiction: 3 stories maximum and under 4 pages each

Short Story: 1 story under 10 pages

Fiction: 1 story maximum under 10 pages

Creative Non Fiction: 1 story under 10 pages

Poetry: 3 poems maximum

Please send in a Word Document!

We reserve the right to extend the contest deadline as necessary

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.